CEO Peer Group

Find your tribe and join forces with other CEOs and business leaders in our exclusive peer groups. Discover the power of collaboration, learn from your peers, and gain invaluable insights to help you grow your business and achieve your goals.

Why Executive Leaders Need Peer Groups

In the dynamic and rapidly changing world of leadership, executive leaders frequently encounter the daunting challenge of isolation, limited perspective, and a lack of peers with whom they can engage in meaningful and structured conversations. These obstacles can hinder their personal and professional growth, limiting their ability to navigate complex decisions with confidence and effectiveness. The demanding nature of their roles, coupled with the constant need for strategic thinking and decision-making, can create a sense of isolation and disconnect. Without a supportive network of peers who understand their unique experiences, executive leaders may find it difficult to gain fresh insights, diverse perspectives, and valuable feedback. This is where peer groups play a crucial role.

How CEO Peer Groups Can Help You Grow

Joining a peer group offers executive leaders a valuable opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who face similar challenges and share similar aspirations. Within the trusted and confidential environment of a peer group, leaders can engage in open and candid conversations, exchange ideas, seek advice, and learn from one another's experiences. By actively participating in a peer group, executive leaders can break free from the constraints of isolation, expand their perspectives, and gain new insights that enhance their decision-making abilities. The collective wisdom and support of the group provide a fertile ground for personal and professional growth

The Structure of Our CEO Peer Groups

Our CEO peer group is small, highly curated, and meet monthly for a full day. Members receive one-on-one executive coaching from Dan once per month, and have access to additional resources, including webinars and workshops.

  • Monthly full-day meetings with a peer group of 20-30 CEOs
  • Confidential and non-competitive environment
  • Access to expert speakers and resources
  • Individual coaching sessions with a Vistage Chair

Why Choose Our CEO Peer Groups

Dan's CEO peer groups are different from other executive networking or mentoring groups. Our groups are highly curated and designed for CEOs and senior executives who are committed to growth and development. You'll work with a group of hand-picked peers who are not in competition with you and will bring unique perspectives to the table.

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CEO Peer Group

This exclusive group brings together senior leaders from non-competing industries, allowing for candid conversations and unbiased perspectives. Benefit from invaluable insights and collective wisdom as you navigate similar challenges and make informed decisions. Expand your network, gain fresh perspectives, and elevate your professional growth by joining our CEO Peer Advisory Group.


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