The Power to Coach

Develop Leaders Around You

Future-Proof Your Leadership Skills by Learning How to Coach Your Leaders

No amount of command-and-control is enough to harness the incredibly complex and unpredictable forces leaders face today—and into the future. If you want to develop the skills that will not only help you handle complexity and uncertainty but thrive on it, The Power to Coach is for you.

Developed by Dan Guglielmo and June Carter, whose clients include Fortune 500 executives, serial entrepreneurs and mid-career C-suite leadership candidates, the Power to Coach is a playbook for developing human potential and building the bonds that are a hallmark of every great team.

Limited to fifteen cohorts, the next Power to Coach Program™ is a five-session live remote learning curriculum whose attendees leave with the practical and inspirational tools to develop leaders around them.  

What does The Power to Coach Do?

• Helps leaders learn how to successfully coach the members of their teams—and build a culture of coaching that extends throughout the organization.

• Explores the difference between managing, mentoring, leading, consulting and coaching. They’re different and non-interchangeable—and require different skills.

• Teaches the artistry and skills required to frame powerful, evocative questions, actively listen and provide feedback that catalyzes learning and growth.

• Shows leaders how to develop coaching relationships, manage the coaching process and use coaching skills to improve individual and team performance.

• Teaches leaders how to be coached, and be coachable.

What does Power to Coach Include?

• Fifteen hours of online interactive group work with lead coaches, Dan Guglielmo and June Carter, and the fifteen executives selected to participate in the program.

• Five live leader-to-leader coaching experiences, in which the cohorts practice coaching each other in real time, supervised by a lead coach.

• One-to-one coaching sessions with a lead coach following completion of the program.

• Unlimited access to the lead coaches during the program for questions and follow-up.

• An 85-page interactive Program Participant’s Guide.

• An exclusive pre-release copy of The Power to Coach book, which will launch in  spring 2024.

• Lifetime access to MindfulCEO’s leadership community and a growing body thought-leadership content.

Session Schedule
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Who is an ideal candidate for the Power to Coach Program?

The profile of an ideal candidate is an accomplished leader who:

• Knows that continual personal development is not optional.

• Has a passion for excellence and a heart for his/her people.

• Understands that in the increasingly fast-paced, loud and complex business environment, what got us here is no longer adequate to keep us here.                

• Wants to help his/her leaders to advance in their careers.

• Is on a mission to develop leaders around them.

In other words, The Power to Coach Program™ aims to empower you with coaching skills to help you become a more effective leader, communicator, and a catalyst for positive change. It emphasizes the development of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness practices to enhance personal growth and professional success, not just for you, but your people too.

*Past experience coaching and being coached is preferred but not required.

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