The Power to Coach Book

What if you could take the frenetic, chaotic energy in the business world and use it as fuel? Better yet, what if you could take that organizational superpower and seed it throughout your organization? 
You can—with The Power to Coach.

Dan Guglielmo and June Carter have helped leaders as diverse as Fortune 500 executives, biotech entrepreneurs, generational family business owners and emerging C-suite stars discover how to develop the tools—and unlock the mindset—for successful leadership coaching. 

Powerful and effective coaches create an environment that simply cannot be replicated in organizations where top-down command-and-control structures are the name of the game. These new coaching cultures create an environment where team members are empowered to grow the business exponentially—and expand themselves personally—creating a much more sustainable and satisfying dynamic. 

Working with outside consultants, executive coaches, trainers and all manner of other experts has become a standard part of the growth process. With The Power To Coach, you will not only develop the skills you need to develop the members of your team, but also learn how to be coached yourself. 

In a world of constant change, The Power to Coach helps you future-proof yourself and your organization. 

What Does The Power to Coach Cover?

* The powerful underlying science that supports particular coaching and development strategies—and makes the strategies you may have already tried much more difficult. 

* The crucial differences between coaching, managing, mentoring, leading and consulting. All of these disciplines are different and frequently overlapping, requiring keen awareness of what the moment demands. 

* The mechanics and artistry of coaching—how to frame evocative questions, actively listen and provide the feedback that catalyzes growth. 

* How to develop coaching relationships, manage the coaching process and use coaching skills to improve both personal and team performance. 

Why is The Power to Coach different?

Many management texts offer mechanistic, formulaic (or even anthemic) solutions to what are very complex, nuanced issues. In The Power to Coach, you’ll learn a new way to process information and emotions that will serve you no matter what the individual particulars of your situation are. Instead of making your team better at running the specific plays you call, you’ll be creating a system where the team develops exponentially more productive plays to help reach your organizational goals.  

* You’ll find more alignment with your team. 

* Your team will have more passion and engagement. 

* It will be easier than ever to find and retain the right team members. 

* You’ll find a level of personal satisfaction in the journey you might not have thought was possible. 

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