Written by
Dan Guglielmo
Founder & CEO
May 21, 2023

I Became a Coach Because I Got Coached

It all began with a life-altering question:

"Dan, why don't you trust yourself to be yourself?" 

This simple inquiry not only helped me swiftly resolve a persistent 18-month business challenge but also set in motion a profound transformation in me and my career trajectory.

After a successful career as a tax lawyer and private wealth planner, I unexpectedly found myself drawn into the field of executive coaching. Coaching became my third career, centered on serving business leaders and their organizations. Alongside my professional journey, I co-founded the Exit Planning Exchange (XPX), a member organization dedicated to supporting professionals in the private enterprise marketplace. XPX thrives today and is expanding with a new chapter in Houston, Texas, marking its 20th location in the continental US.

Through executive coaching, I discovered a practical and pragmatic tool for facilitating rapid clarity, confidence, and emotional connection to the exit and succession process. As a business leader who personally experienced the profound impact of coaching, I eventually made the conscious choice to be all in and become an executive coach.

It became apparent that many of my most engaged clients shared a similar pattern. They sought assistance from me - as a coach - to prepare for challenging conversations with senior leaders. Instead of providing directives, we explored open-ended questions that allowed leaders to discover their own path forward. I found immense joy in helping my clients reimagine themselves as leader coaches.

This recurring theme prompted me to envision a book and a program specifically designed to empower senior leaders to coach their own teams. Teaming up with my executive coach at the time, June Carter, we embarked on a journey to create the Power to Coach Program. Since then, we have successfully conducted both an "Alpha" and a "Beta" program, receiving humbling reviews from participants. Our upcoming launch of the formal Power to Coach Program on September 14, 2023, marks an exciting milestone.

Enrollment for this transformative program is now open, with limited spots available for 15 participants. If you're ready to explore the Power to Coach and develop leaders around you, we invite you to learn more by clicking here.

Should you wish to discuss any of our services further, I would be delighted to connect with you. Feel free to reach out. 

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Develop leaders around you by learning how to coach. Through immersive workshops, interactive sessions, and personalized coaching, you will gain a practical understanding of fundamental coaching principles. This program integrates insights from complexity science to help you navigate the intricate dynamics and challenges of today's complex business environment.

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